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About Alex

aka Sleepy Boyfriend as well as Photographer [Ex-]Boyfriend. Had been dating Listener for 4 years, and lived together in an apartment in London. Has his own small photo studio that has been doing fairly well.

About Listener

They’re in grad school for their PhD in Law, and is a receptionist at a law firm. They’re a bit insecure about their appearance.

What went wrong: the beginning of the end…?

Both Alex and Listener have been cheated on in a past relationship, which has lead to trust issues for Listener. Listener accuses Alex of cheating on them with a work colleague from a major project he is chosen for. Alex is extremely hurt from the accusation and while Listener did apologise, it doesn’t help in Alex’s decision to move to NYC for an amazing job.


  • Alex was on the volleyball team with Kayson.
  • Alex went on a trip to Iceland with Matias.
  • Alex failed miserably at ice skating the first time he went with Listener.

Episode Notes:


Jealous Over Boyfriend’s New Colleague

  • Claret Noir: fictional brand
  • Pergola @ Hampstead Heath
  • Recce: short for reconnaissance, especially for British military use.
  • Vencimia: fictional brand that’s making a unisex fragrance.
  • DP (Director of Photography): the person responsible for creating the look of a film.
  • Art Director: the person responsible for overseeing and managing the visual aspects of a project.
  • Gaffer: the person in charge of lighting design on set.
  • Freelancer: a person who is self-employed who generally works on a per project basis.

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