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Sakuverse.com is a fan made site dedicated to ASMRtist God of Angst, Voice Actor and overall amazing human being ZSakuVA.

This is a beta version of the site, which means I threw some stuff together really quickly in order to coincide with the beginning of Saku’s Professor Martson Season 2 (starting 2 October, 2021) and there could be bugs. Future iterations of the site may include more interactivity with the community, depending on how much time I can dedicate to maintenance.

Many thanks to Cyra, Aster, Naz, and everyone in the #sakuverse-general channel for all of their help with content!



Update: 11 June, 2023

A new Character has joined the Sakuverse: Zaros Kymen Atha’lin, our noble (and infuriating) rival. His first audio can be found here. He starts a new group in the Sakuverse that I’ve labelled as Noble.


Update: 12 May, 2023

Additional functionality on character dossiers: collapsible content for episode notes and tooltips. Considering that some episodes are incredibly lore heavy / some series have a lot of episodes, now you can expand or collapse the notes so you’re not scrolling forever to see the one you want to read. Tooltips I think are a great way to include a little extra info without having to navigate away from the page you’re reading; things like slang, locations, and maybe my own personal notes.


Update: 10 July, 2022

New page! I got it in my head to make a relationship chart for all of the Sakuverse characters, and went waaaaay overboard with it. And then I thought since there’s just soooooo much information crammed into this chart right now, it should be interactive in a way. I haven’t included every single named person in the audios, because that’d be pure bedlam on the chart.

As usual, it’s a beta version for the filtering of the info in the chart, and the layout of the buttons (I need to think on this, especially on the mobile layout; the names are too long but does that mean I should abbreviate them, ugh.) Anyway, I hope y’all find it useful!


Update: 24 May, 2022

Some new functionality for the YouTube Videos page: filtering. This is kind of a beta version as well, I might change it a tad bit in the future, but for now you can filter videos based on status, category, character and/or tag. I hope this is useful!


2 October, 2022

One fun feature to start with is a timeline of Saku’s YouTube channel audios. The posts are in chronological order of posting by Saku, though some audios are not quite in sync with the dates. I’ve further organized them to be tagged with their respective universe category:
Saku (any personal audios and livestreams);
University (Andrew, Luca, Kayson, etc);
Supernatural (Xanthus, Cevyk, & Dontis); and
Court (Isaac & Elias).
They can be filtered by clicking on the icons at the top of the timeline.


Who made the site

I’m Blue 💙 aka BluetifulAngel, a Designer & Developer for my day job, Doodler for my hobby.

You might find me occasionally on the Discord server @bluetifulangel or posting drawings on my twitter @bluetifulangel

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