Series is now concluded, Listener and Niall are now dating.

Pronounced as Neil/Neel/Neal

Niall’s series is M4M (Male for Male), so Listener is in this case male.

Listener Alias

Sussy Baka

About Niall

  • Stayed locally for university where he studied art.
  • After graduating he looked for jobs related to art, but has been working at the local library for the last 2 years.
  • Hasn’t seen Listener in the last 5 years.
  • Spends most of his time working, taking care of Mum, and drawing – not much room for free time/hobbies.
  • Is a bit of a weeb – likes Attack on Titan. Called Listener a “sussy baka”.
  • A big fan of Michael Sereni a contemporary artist. He wanted to write his dissertation on him but knew there wouldn’t be enough reference material on him since he’s so private. Michael’s portfolio includes several styles, and Niall feels like Michael does them so well that it’s like he lived through those periods (spoiler alert, that’s because Michael is a vampire and actually did):
  • Earns extra doing commissions: most recent one is a D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) character. Working at the Library pays more though, so it’s only a side hustle at the moment.

About Listener

  • Is Niall’s classmate from High School. They were partners in science class.
  • He just graduated from University with a degree in business management.
  • They were friendly/friends until Listener betrayed Niall in year 9 (age 13) by outing him to their classmates to save himself.
  • Was part of the popular clique in high school.
  • Likes to cook, and gives Niall some tips about it.
  • Is a weeb. Would Naruto run and do the hand signs.
  • Gives Niall a Bob Ross cooking apron for Christmas.

Family Life

  • Kelly (Mum): is in the beginning stages of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and Niall helps to take care of her. They’re very close, but at the same time their relationship has become a bit strained because Mum doesn’t want to feel like a burden and Niall has been working so hard to help her. They now cook together as suggested by Listener.
  • Dad: Is an architect, and sometimes needs to working abroad, but will return beginning of next year possibly in June or July.

Episode Notes:

[Part 3]

Taking Out Your Ex-Classmate

Easter Eggs

  • The gallery Listener takes Niall to is the same gallery owned by Xanthus.
  • Michael Sereni is the same artist+vampire that Xanthus talks about.

[Part 5]

Arguing With Your Ex Classmate

The anime Niall is watching is called Saint Silence.

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