Character Relationships

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Luca + Andrew Marston

Luca is Andrew’s teaching assistant at university


Twin + Andrew Marston

Their relationship was severely strained by the attention (or lack thereof) of their parents. Andrew has tried to text Twin, but he hasn’t responded. Twin is possibly in some shady business.


Andrew Marston + Isaac Rhoades

Romantic relationship while they were both at university in England
Andrew was in his first year and Isaac in his final year for Law. They met at literature club, where their relationship started as friendship and developed into more. Sadly, Isaac’s graduation meant leaving England and Andrew to take up the mantle of his Grandfather’s private investigator practice. Isaac still occasionally checks up on Andrew, but they don’t keep in touch any longer.


Isaac Rhoades + Elias

Isaac specializes in the gangs of Stockton, and Elias is a member/heir apparent of the Wraiths
Isaac knows of Elias, but Elias doesn’t know of Isaac.


Dontis + Xanthus Claiborne

Xanthus approximately 100 years ago saved Dontis from being auctioned off by Hunters; Dontis now owes Xanthus a debt from being saved


Xanthus Claiborne + Niall

Niall visits Xanthus’s gallery


Yandere Boy + Xanthus Claiborne

Yandere Boy was unalived by Xanthus
Yandere Boy, who had put a classmate in hospital, moved away and started working at a Jollibee. Xanthus’s Listener worked at the same Jollibee. Yandere Boy started stalking Listener, so Xanthus “had a talk” with Yandere Boy (they will never find the body). Le fin


Alex + Kayson

Teammates for Volleball


Matias + Alex



Kayson + Matias

Professor Marston’s class counts towards both the History and the Literature Course


Kayson + Andrew Marston

Kayson takes Andrew’s history class


Matias + Andrew Marston

Matias takes Andrew’s literature classes

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