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Listener is the only child of Queen Roena Ilves and heir to the throne. Zaros is the son of the Atha’lin Family that was recently appointed the status of noble.

Listener and Zaros have a past history during their time at the Academy. It has been 8 years since they had seen each other last. Listener told Zaros “[y]ou are a disgusting leech who won my trust, only to break me after. Knowing you is my greatest regret, I never want to see your face again.”

Serulla (the Dominion where the story takes place) is set in a fantasy world with a language all its own.

Episode Notes:

[Episode 1]

A Bitter Enemy, A Fierce Rival

  • Character’s full name is Zaros Kymen Atha’lin.
  • It’s been 8 years since Zaros and Listener have spoken.
  • They used to attend the Academy together. Listener called Zaros a “disgusting leech”.
  • Listener originally didn’t want to rule, and wanted to travel the world, but others convinced them that The Leech was leading them astray.
  • The current Queen is Roena Ilves (Listener’s Mother).
  • There are four Nations.
  • The Dominion is called Serulla.
  • There are seven noble families of Serulla:
    • Ilves
    • Ponvillus
    • Gazi
    • Dolgan
    • Faysel
    • Hýned
    • and the newest Atha’lin
      • This is the first renouncement that the Atha’lin Family is participating in.
  • The rules of the upcoming proclamation to be recited under the law of the Second Eminence – Horath Nyten Stellair
    • The renouncement: the current ruler stepping down from their position.
    • The ascension: is the new ruler being coronated.
    • The imperium right: a trial of honor, strength, and wisdom to challenge the next in line to the throne.
    • The current ruler must ask the seven noble families for their favor or their contention.
  • The Atha’lin Family contest Listener’s ascension and put forth their own heir Zaros as a contender. He accepts. All contestants are to live in the palace while the competition takes place.
  • As the imperium right has not be invoked for centuries, they will need to reinterpret the rules to suit modern times. Scholars of the histories of Serulla, Thyten, Kallard and other neighboring Dominions will design the trials to judge on the aspects of honor, strength, wisdom and heart. The Royal Family cannot interfere with the trials and is only kept apprised of the progress.
  • The Queen orders Listener to give Zaros a tour of the palace in the morning.
  • Zaros reminds Listener of the promise they made long ago.
  • Listener leaves in a huff, and Zaros reminds tells them he’ll be waiting for the tour.
  • Listener hears the sound of a glass breaking as they walk away.


[Episode 2]

Unveiled Pasts, Uncertain Futures

Notes coming soon!

Titles for Nobles / Royalty: Sarl (Zaros is a Sarl); Sile; Earis (Listener is an Earis).

Secateurs: (British) a pair of pruning clippers for use with one hand.

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