Character: Niall

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I'm Ready to Live [Final]

1 July, 2023

Ex-Classmate Confronts Fears with You

Niall [Final]: I'm Ready to Live

Niall decides it’s time to take you somewhere: the last place you expected.

I Need to Admit Something [Part 6]

15 April, 2023

Confessing to Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 6]: I Need to Admit Something

You and Niall spend the day together, but there are things between you that have been left unsaid until now…

You Had NO Right! [Part 5]

10 December, 2022

Arguing With Your Ex Classmate

Niall [Part 5]: You Had NO Right!

You invite Niall to your home to hang out without telling him someone was already there, waiting.

Guest @HydroKingVA

Welcome to my Home [Part 4]

11 June, 2022

Getting Closer to Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 4]: Welcome to my Home

Niall has invited you over for dinner to meet his mother; while there, certain things come to light.

Guest @Greenbriar_

We Are Not on a Date! [Part 3]

30 January, 2022

Taking Out Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 3]: We Are Not on a Date!

You take Niall out to a place he’s always wanted to visit, but how will the night end?

Give Me Your Number [Part 2]

13 November, 2021

Charming Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 2]: Give Me Your Number

You go to the supermarket and find Niall in one of the aisles. Unable to pass up the opportunity to speak with him, you walk closer…

I Hate You For It! [Part 1]

20 August, 2021

Reuniting with a Broken Classmate

Niall [Part 1]: I Hate You For It!

You’ve returned to your hometown and go to your local library, but you didn’t expect to reunite with a man who hates you.

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