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You Want to be My Pet?

2 December, 2023 ‖ 25,954 views

Becoming a Pet for the Master

Asirel: You Want to be My Pet?

You have been imprisoned for a while, in a dark place with nothing to keep you company but other captives. Today, a stranger approaches you and offers a lifeline that sounds too tempting to refuse.

Am I Falling For You? [Part 7.1]

11 November, 2023 ‖ 74,589 views

Comforting Gangster After Nightmare

Elias [Part 7.1]: Am I Falling For You?

As you enjoy a midnight read, Elias suddenly wakes up beside you in terror, and you do everything in your power to console him.

Will You Stay With Me? [Part 11]

1 October, 2023 ‖ 88,227 views

Boss Gets Possessive Over You

Isaac Rhoades [Part 11]: Will You Stay With Me?

Isaac comes home from Vic’s funeral, but he seems bothered by something, and you intend to find out why.

You Belong with Me [Part 10]

17 June, 2023 ‖ 126,880 views

Your Boss Comforts You

Isaac Rhoades [Part 10]: You Belong with Me

Your past decides to haunt you, and Isaac tries to do something about it.

Why Didn’t You Tell Me? [Part 7]

6 May, 2023 ‖ 97,490 views

A Dangerous Meeting with Gangsters

Elias [Part 7]: Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

You and Elias attend an important meeting, and certain decisions are set in stone.


How Can I Not Fall for You? [Part 9]

4 March, 2023 ‖ 154,717 views

Your Boss Reveals the Truth

Isaac Rhoades [Part 9]: How Can I Not Fall for You?

After a stressful conversation, you know the perfect way to calm Isaac down, but your idea has more to it than he realises.

What Do You Want from Me? [Part 8]

5 November, 2022 ‖ 130,357 views

A Heart-to-Heart with Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 8]: What Do You Want from Me?

Another day starts working for Isaac, and you prove your hidden talents. However, things get a little heated, and Isaac begins to unravel.

Should I Trust You? [Part 6]

24 September, 2022 ‖ 127,883 views

Stargazing with a Gangster

Elias [Part 6]: Should I Trust You?

The gang world is quiet, the night is silent, and Elias wants to show you something more personal.

You Are Special to Me [Part 7]

2 July, 2022 ‖ 197,276 views

A Day Off with Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 7]: You Are Special to Me

Isaac has given himself a day off, but you notice something is different about him.

We'll Be Safe Here [Part 5]

12 March, 2022 ‖ 177,121 views

Moving in with a Gangster

Elias [Part 5]: We'll Be Safe Here

Because of the suspicious activity at the Quetza Hotel, you and Elias move to a different safehouse. But someone else has their concerns.

Guest @Desmond ASMR

What Did You Do? [Part 4]

22 January, 2022 ‖ 181,700 views

Hiding Alone with a Gangster

Elias [Part 4]: What Did You Do?

Elias confronts you about using his phone, but are there more pressing matters to deal with?

Do You Want This? [Part 6]

15 January, 2022 ‖ 290,830 views

Getting Closer to Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 6]: Do You Want This?

Isaac has immersed himself in work ever since the kiss you shared, but he starts to see that some things are inevitable.

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