Xanthus Claiborne



(Listener works at Jollibee, age 18+)
(Xanthus currently is an art curator and owns the Grand Devino Gallery in the Soho District of London, England)

Listener Alias

Luv / Love


  • Increased strength
  • Superior hearing and vision
  • Heightened sense of smell
  • Super speed
  • Accelerated healing
  • Mind Manipulation (Compulsion)


  • Sunlight: won’t kill them, but it’s painful to be under direct sunlight (absolutely DOES NOT sparkle).
  • Other vampires’ blood: drinking other vampires’ blood can become extremely addictive and make them go insane.
  • Destined Partner: the death of a partner is extremely painful to the vampire, like killing a part of the vampire as well.
  • Powerful tranquilizers: effective in incapacitating vampires.
  • Compulsion by a more powerful vampire.

Correct lore for killing vampires

  • Beheading
  • Removal of the heart
  • Bite from a werewolf

Incorrect lore regarding vampires

  • Stake through the heart
  • Silver
  • Crosses
  • Garlic
  • Mind reading
  • Reflection
  • Must be invited in in order to enter your home
  • Enemies with werewolves

Making of vampires

  • A human must have vampire blood in their body at the time of their death.
  • Though vampires become sterile after turning, a vampire can be born through very specific, but unknown, circumstances.

Special Abilities of Listener

  • Enhanced healing

Destined Partners

  • How they are bonded: A human is given Vampire blood, but not enough to turn them; the vampire blood mutates the human, and this mutation can be passed down to their progeny. The bond is activated when the vampire feeds on the human with the mutation. Any progeny can potentially become a destined partner for the vampire that shared their blood.
  • How to break the bond: Death of either person, including turning the human partner into a vampire; with the death of the human, the vampire is put through tremendous pain.

Acquaintances / Allies / Friends / Family of Xanthus

  • Michael Sereni (Vampire): Artist that shows exclusively at Xanthus’s art gallery. Has a painful past but Xanthus is not privy to it.
  • Dontis (Incubus): Dontis owes Xanthus a debt for freeing him from being imprisoned in a Hunting family’s collection about 100 years ago. Occasionally stays with him. In part 7, Xanthus and Listener stay with Dontis in his penthouse apartment in New Orleans.
  • Isis (Elder Vampire): She is approximately 2500 years old and possibly has information on is researching destined partners. Has had 3 destined partners herself. [Voiced by Aryashadeslay]
  • Adam (Werewolf): Friend that he’s known since World War I when they served together. [Voiced by MrFoxHound]
  • Fran [Unnamed Female] (Vampire): Tricked by the Trimedian (?) to kill Listener; Xanthus spared her life at the insistence of Listener and in return she owes him a debt. [Voiced by BethyVA]
  • Father: Held the title of Viscount; a Royalist that supported the Monarchy as the way govern England. He was driven by money and power. He was disabled so he was unable to fight in the Royalist army, but forced Xanthus to enlist instead.
  • Younger Brother: 7 years younger than Xanthus. He wanted to be an explorer. After Xanthus’s “death” during the Battle of Newburn, he became the successor instead. He married a woman who did a lot of charity work. They had children, and Xanthus looks after their descendants.
  • Audric (Vampire): He is approximately 900 years old. The man who turned Xanthus. He was a doctor during the Battle of Newburn, where he saved Xanthus by giving him vampire blood, and then broke his neck to turn him into a vampire. He had two reasons to turn Xanthus: 1) to try to “save” as many lives from war and 2) to build an army to dismantle/get revenge against the Trimedian. His grudge against the Trimedian stemmed from the murder of his wife during the witch trials. Xanthus accidentally led the Trimedian to Audric’s family due to a trap the Trimedian set. He feels the guilt to this day. Xanthus has not seen him in a few decades, and presumes him to be dead.

Enemies of Xanthus

  • The Trimedian: A secret clan of hunters that formed during the European witch hunting trials in the 15th century. Their main goal is to kill all supernaturals. They use any means necessary to kill supernaturals, including using other humans as meat shields and disregard any collateral damage inflicted during a hunt. Xanthus destroyed a lineage that specialized in hunting Vampires after they refused his mercy.
    • 1896 Athens – Hunters burned down a hotel with innocents trapped inside because they though Xanthus was staying there. Fran’s family was killed in the fire.
    • A vampire that said he was part of the Trimedian. They know about the bond Xanthus has with Listener.

Actual Historical People / Events / Items mentioned

Episode Notes:

[Part 5]

Bonding with Your Vampire

  • Isis, the vampire Elder, has come to visit. She is ~2500 years old.
  • Isis knows what Xanthus used to do before he was turned.
  • Isis asks a few questions:
    • How long have Xanthus and Listener known each other?
    • Does Listener heal quickly?
    • Did Xanthus ever heal anyone with his blood before but not turn them?
    • Needs a drop of blood from each of them.
  • A bond is made by the Vampire giving a human some of their blood, but not actually turning the human. The vampire blood then mutates the human blood, and that new mutation is then passed down to their progeny. The bond is activated once the vampire feeds on the person.
  • Shortly after Xanthus was turned, during the Battle of Marston Moor Xanthus’s friend was mortally wounded from a gun shot. He gave his friend his blood and compelled the friend to forget. Listener is a descendant of that friend.
  • A bond is broken by death, including when the human is turned into a vampire. When a bond is broken, the vampire is left devastated.
  • The payment to Isis for the consultation is The Three Brothers which Xanthus *ahem* “acquired” in 1645.

Transcripts of Xanthus and Isis’s conversations:

{ Convo between Xanthus and Isis as she enters }

Xanthus: Welcome. I hope the journey wasn’t too dull.
Isis: Not at all. It’s been some time since I’ve visited the English countryside. There are more houses and roads than I last remember, but still a lot of fields. It smells fresh out here. Much better than the cities.
Xanthus: And much quieter. Here, let me take your jacket.
Isis: Thank you. (She hands Xanthus the jacket which he hangs up) Xanthus, is it?
Xanthus: Yes. Isis, right?
Isis: Mhm. You have quite a number of connections. I heard your name at least three times in the past month, and that piqued my interest. It’s unusual for a being so young to have vast influence.
Xanthus: I think that’s the first time someone’s called me ‘young’ and had a reason to do so.
Isis: Don’t like it?
Xanthus: Not used to it.
Isis: Ah. So where is your potential partner?
Xanthus: Right through here. If you’d follow me.

{ Convo between Xanthus and Isis as she leaves }

Isis: (Xanthus and Isis walk to the door) I must warn you. Do not take the bond lightly.
Xanthus: Why, because we’re destined for each other?
Isis: Vampires are lonely creatures by design unless fate interferes. When we find the person who completes us, there is no greater euphoria. But if that person slips through your fingers, there is no greater pain. None.
Xanthus: You’ve lost one yourself?
Isis: …Three.
Xanthus: Three?!
Isis: Yes… If I wasn’t this old, I would’ve left this world with the last. But I dream that one day, I can feel that completeness again. If only for a moment, because nothing can compare to that kind of love.
Xanthus: …I’ll keep that in mind.
Isis: Be sure to. I’ve seen vampires wither away when their bond is severed. Desiccated. Turned to ash.
Xanthus: Weak, I imagine.
Isis: If you ever experience it–which I pray you don’t–I hope it humbles you.
Xanthus: …Hm…(opens door) Travel safe.
Isis: Keep them safe.
Xanthus: Until my last breath.

[Part 7]

Possessive Vampire Opens up to You

[Still working on this]

{ Scene 1: On an airplane heading to ??? }

  • Xanthus asks Listener to pass another boiled sweet. Due to Xanthus’s heightened senses as a vampire, he finds flying to be agonizing.
  • Xanthus normally listens to audio books on flights, but since he’s with Listener, he puts on some light piano music and gives one of the ear buds to them.
  • Listener leans on Xanthus’s shoulder to take a nap. The flight is 10 hours long.

{ Scene 2: Arrival in New Orleans, Louisiana; Dontis’ Penthouse Apartment }

  • Dontis
  • Audric

[Part 9]

Dangerous Mission With Your Vampire Boyfriend

  • Xanthus’s real name is Lawrence.
  • Audric is the one that captures our three heroes.

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