Shh...Stay Quiet

9 November, 2020


Trapped in a Locker with Your Crush

Shh...Stay Quiet

You find your shirtless crush, Kayson, rooting through drawers in Mr. Taylor’s office, but approaching footsteps forces you both to hide inside a locker. Can you stay quiet?

Guest @Good Boy Audios


Things I heard by eavesdropping while hiding in the locker with Kayson

(‼️ be careful of your hearing if you’re trying to listen! If anyone hears more, feel free to leave a comment)

(***) = part where I can’t hear them clearly
(( )) = I think that’s what he said but not 100% sure

Mr. Taylor and Alex walking into the office [footsteps].
(Not sure who is talking): (***) AC/DC.
Alex: The bigger ones (***). Did you ((head-bang))?
Mr. Taylor: Hahahaha. Used to be. Can’t remember the last time I did it.
Alex: (***) only when I’m in my room.
Mr. Taylor: So, what did you want to talk to me about?
Alex: Um, so I- I don’t really know how to say this, but…I’m thinking about quitting the volleyball team s- so that I can have more time to do what I want to do, which is photography. Photography is, my passion and I’ve been wanting to do it for so many years but, right now I’m studying criminology and law, and that’s taking up so much of my time and my parents wouldn’t let me ((choose)) photography as a course, so in order for me to go to university (***) choose criminology and law (***) so I (***) but I also like doing volleyball and the only thing that I can think about doing is to quit volleyball in order to (***) photography.
Mr. Taylor: They wouldn’t let you choose photography?
Alex: No. They think that it’s not sustainable and, so that’s why they wouldn’t let me do the course, and they think that (***) leave home, in order to travel the world and I want to do that of course, that’s part of what I want to put in my portfolio but because they think that it’s (***) and they think that I won’t be able to make enough income, so that I’m going to be homeless if I choose photography as a career (***). It’s- it’s not like I want to (***). (***) I don’t really care about criminology and law, but I understand where they’re coming from (***). (***). (***). (***). (***). I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about (***). (***). (***). (***) I don’t want to waste (***). (*** Missing a whole chunk of conversation because of Kayson! ***).
Mr. Taylor: Choosing a course you have no interest in is not how you want to (***). (***). Do they know you do volleyball too?
Alex: Yeah, they (***).
Mr. Taylor: (***). You’re not supposed to living their dream of what they want you to be.
Alex: But I can’t change courses. ((Not if I want them to)) paying for it, and ((being a disappointment of quitting and doing my own thing)).
Mr. Taylor: (***)?
Alex: No, (***). (***) I’d prefer doing volleyball as my course than rather than what I’m actually doing now.
Mr. Taylor: ((I’m going to be frank with you Alex.)) If you don’t want to do criminology and law then don’t. (***) want to do and your health won’t thank you for it. (***). I’m not really qualified to give advice on courses and stuff so, but I will say that you need to think about yourself. (***) and you- you say you enjoy volleyball more than your actual ((course)), which is great! But that’s not how it should be, is it?
Alex: No, [sigh]. I- I was thinking that I can make it through the course, trying to do the work and build my photography portfolio at the same time, so that when I graduate I will have a degree and (***) start work.
Mr. Taylor: (***). (***).
Alex: (***). (***). (***).
Mr. Taylor: Do you know where the student support hub is?
Alex: Uh, no I don’t…
Mr. Taylor: You know where the (***) department is, right? Go straight through to the other side from the main entrance, follow the path and it’s on the left. It’s a very colourful area, so you can’t miss it.
Alex: Okay, I’ll go there tomorrow.
Mr. Taylor: They’ll be able to give better advice than I can. There are also resources that can help you. You’re still in your first term so, even if you do change courses, they’ll try to accommodate you as much as they can.
Alex: I’m just scared that when my parents find out, that (***).
Mr. Taylor: (***). Thinking about what could happen will stop you from ((acting now)). (***). (***).
Alex: No, I (***). Thank you.
Mr. Taylor: (***).
Alex: Yeah it is.
Mr. Taylor: Good! And, if you need time off from the team, let me know.
Alex: No, that’s okay. I’m not going to quit and let the boys down. I can’t do that to them, and I look forward to training.
Mr. Taylor: I’m glad to hear that. So, I’ll start doubling the lunges, the squats, switch it up with some overhead presses and…
Alex: Haha, no-no-no! I’m- I’m good with the intensity already.
Mr. Taylor: Hehehe. You say you like the training, so I’m going to give you a challenge.
Alex: Yeah, but I want to actually move afterwards.
Mr. Taylor: Ah, come on! Hehe.
Alex: Haha.
Mr. Taylor: It’s not that bad. I might double the resistance instead.
Alex and Mr. Taylor leaving the office [footsteps]. [door opens]
Alex: (***).
Mr. Taylor: (***).
[door closes]

Easter Egg

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