You Want to be Punished?

28 October, 2023


Chained & Pinned By A Demon

You Want to be Punished?

You remain in Sheti Makh, the Lower Ring under the ownership of Cevyk, but tonight, he decides to lessen your punishment.

Cevyk has Listener suspended by chains and is flaying Listener. He then makes the skin grow back when he kisses them. After letting them down, he moves them onto a bed, and ties them to the bed with silk restraints. Cevyk then proceeds to bathe them with a cloth and not boiling water.

Torture from a few weeks ago was changing the floor into boiling water – Listener is able to last 23 minutes before needing to stand on a pedestal.

Listener has been left by themself in their room for a decade. The first few years were spend in absolute isolation. By year three, Cevyk left a toolbox for Listener, which they used on themself instead of trying to escape the room.

Demon Language 101


Listener’s Backstory

The man to left Listener for dead was a Lover, someone who groomed Listener and discarded them when they became unnecessary.

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