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You are the Love of My Life [Special]

18 November, 2023 ‖ 58,505 views

Taking Care of Your Sick Ex-Professor

Andrew Marston [Special]: You are the Love of My Life

After Andrew returns home from work early due to feeling ill, your plans of a birthday surprise are put on hold. But you wait until the right time for a celebration, hoping that he will like it.

Am I Falling For You? [Part 7.1]

11 November, 2023 ‖ 72,670 views

Comforting Gangster After Nightmare

Elias [Part 7.1]: Am I Falling For You?

As you enjoy a midnight read, Elias suddenly wakes up beside you in terror, and you do everything in your power to console him.

Will You Stay With Me? [Part 11]

1 October, 2023 ‖ 87,554 views

Boss Gets Possessive Over You

Isaac Rhoades [Part 11]: Will You Stay With Me?

Isaac comes home from Vic’s funeral, but he seems bothered by something, and you intend to find out why.

How Can I Not Fall for You? [Part 9]

4 March, 2023 ‖ 154,295 views

Your Boss Reveals the Truth

Isaac Rhoades [Part 9]: How Can I Not Fall for You?

After a stressful conversation, you know the perfect way to calm Isaac down, but your idea has more to it than he realises.

You Feel...Warm [Part 3]

23 April, 2021 ‖ 465,600 views

Comforting Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 3]: You Feel...Warm

Awoken from a nightmare, Isaac goes to usual lengths to ignore it. But now, he has someone he didn’t have before.

I'm Not Okay

17 November, 2020 ‖ 305,399 views

Boyfriend Needs Comforting

Stressed Boyfriend: I'm Not Okay

You come home to find your boyfriend looking…different than usual, and seems to be on the verge of breaking.

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