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 I'll Be Your Protector [Part 2]

13 August, 2021 ‖ 251,322 views

Meeting the Gang Lord

Elias [Part 2]: I'll Be Your Protector

You go with Elias to a meeting with his father, but what will he think of the decision to save you?

Guest @UnrivalledVA

Did He Hurt You? [Part 4]

6 August, 2021 ‖ 441,847 views

Serving Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 4]: Did He Hurt You?

You have been tasked to serve Isaac and his guest this evening, but your presence may prove dangerous.

Guest @Azeru Official

Trust No One But Me [Part 1]

25 June, 2021 ‖ 366,932 views

Gangster Saves Your Life

Elias [Part 1]: Trust No One But Me

You attend your regular shift at the café, but nothing would prepare you for the unexpected events to come.

Guests @Auth Audio & @weavilenin

What is Your Decision? [Part 7]

18 June, 2021 ‖ 430,073 views

Meeting with Your Strict Professor

Andrew Marston [Part 7]: What is Your Decision?

You’ve invited Professor Marston to finally reveal your decision. How will the meeting end?

Guest @Haven’s Audio

Want to be Mine? [Part 4]

16 April, 2021 ‖ 304,807 views

Trapped on a Date with Your Crush

Kayson [Part 4]: Want to be Mine?

You and Kayson go on a date at a fairground, but all doesn’t go as planned.

Guest @Lucid Thistle

Shh...Stay Quiet [Part 1 (Revised)]

9 November, 2020 ‖ 227,538 views

Trapped in a Locker with Your Crush

Kayson [Part 1 (Revised)]: Shh...Stay Quiet

You find your shirtless crush, Kayson, rooting through drawers in Mr. Taylor’s office, but approaching footsteps forces you both to hide inside a locker. Can you stay quiet?

Guest @Good Boy Audios

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