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I Still Want You [Part 6]

28 May, 2021

Strict Professor Reveals His Secrets

Andrew Marston [Part 6]: I Still Want You

Since the argument, you’ve remained a model student and have avoided Professor Marston. But now he needs to talk to you.

Let's Make a Deal

30 April, 2021

Demon Makes a Deal with You

Cevyk: Let's Make a Deal

Your life is almost at an end, and you turn to desperate measures to survive.

You Feel...Warm [Part 3]

23 April, 2021

Comforting Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 3]: You Feel...Warm

Awoken from a nightmare, Isaac goes to usual lengths to ignore it. But now, he has someone he didn’t have before.

Work Begins Now [Part 2]

12 March, 2021

Working for Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 2]: Work Begins Now

You have now rested, and today is your first day working for Isaac. But will he trust you?

You Only Have Me [Part 1]

22 January, 2021

Meeting Your New Boss

Isaac Rhoades [Part 1]: You Only Have Me

You wake up to find yourself in a stranger’s house. Only, in time, you realise exactly why you’re there, and that your life may take quite the turn.

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