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I'm Ready to Live [Final]

1 July, 2023 ‖ 18,676 views

Ex-Classmate Confronts Fears with You

Niall [Final]: I'm Ready to Live

Niall decides it’s time to take you somewhere: the last place you expected.

I Need to Admit Something [Part 6]

15 April, 2023 ‖ 24,793 views

Confessing to Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 6]: I Need to Admit Something

You and Niall spend the day together, but there are things between you that have been left unsaid until now…

All I Need is You [Season 2 | Final]

21 January, 2023 ‖ 162,119 views

Drunk Professor Confesses To You

Andrew Marston [Season 2 | Final]: All I Need is You

Your studies have officially finished, and Andrew must do what needs to be done. But he begins contemplating his decisions, and the full truth emerges.

You Had NO Right! [Part 5]

10 December, 2022 ‖ 43,276 views

Arguing With Your Ex Classmate

Niall [Part 5]: You Had NO Right!

You invite Niall to your home to hang out without telling him someone was already there, waiting.

Guest @HydroKingVA

It’s Nice to Meet You! [Part 0]

22 October, 2022 ‖ 53,274 views

Meeting a Cute Guy at a Party

Luca [Part 0]: It’s Nice to Meet You!

You are invited to a party one weekend, but you didn’t expect to find the person you’ll marry a few years later.

This is the Only Way [Season 2 | Part 6]

8 October, 2022 ‖ 140,286 views

Your Strict Professor Makes his Decision

Andrew Marston [Season 2 | Part 6]: This is the Only Way

You and Andrew are summoned to the Dean’s office for an important discussion that may decide the future of his career and your relationship.

Guest @NessieAudios

Welcome to my Home [Part 4]

11 June, 2022 ‖ 52,098 views

Getting Closer to Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 4]: Welcome to my Home

Niall has invited you over for dinner to meet his mother; while there, certain things come to light.

Guest @Greenbriar_

I Can't Take Anymore [Season 2 | Part 5]

28 May, 2022 ‖ 182,338 views

Conflict with Your Strict Professor

Andrew Marston [Season 2 | Part 5]: I Can't Take Anymore

Andrew is up to date with his work, so you both go out to eat dinner for the first time. However, some people do not forgive or forget.

Guests @새진Universe & @BethyVA

I'll Do This For Us [Season 2 | Part 4]

12 February, 2022 ‖ 208,004 views

Trouble with Your Strict Professor

Andrew Marston [Season 2 | Part 4]: I'll Do This For Us

Studies are going well at university, but is something else brewing behind closed doors?

We Are Not on a Date! [Part 3]

30 January, 2022 ‖ 60,269 views

Taking Out Your Ex-Classmate

Niall [Part 3]: We Are Not on a Date!

You take Niall out to a place he’s always wanted to visit, but how will the night end?

I'll Cherish You Forever [Part 7 (Final)]

31 December, 2021 ‖ 121,705 views

Cute Boyfriend Confesses Everything

Luca [Part 7 (Final)]: I'll Cherish You Forever

You and Luca have a comfy night in for New Years Eve. However, something has been bothering him for a while, and he finally tells you the truth.

Luca’s series finale audio.

I Want You for Christmas [Season 2 | Part 3]

24 December, 2021 ‖ 264,774 views

Christmas With Your Strict Professor

Andrew Marston [Season 2 | Part 3]: I Want You for Christmas

You spend the Christmas holidays with Andrew, but some memories of his past begin to resurface.

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