Series is now concluded, he put a ring on it.

How Luca & Listener Met

At a party in college, one that Luca originally wasn’t planning on attending, but went anyway.

Holidays Luca & Listener have celebrated together

  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s
  • Easter
  • New Year’s

Costumes worn by Luca

  • Bunny Butler
  • Christmas Kitty
  • Easter Bunny

Sweets consumed

  • Candy bars
  • Toffee
  • Chocolate pieces that fizzle in your mouth (whizz bees?)
  • Limited edition candy (unspecified, Listener’s favorite)
  • Luxury hot chocolate (unspecified)
  • Liquor bonbons (brand unknown): sea salt, spiced cinnamon, coconut, honeycomb, espresso, prosecco, rum, caramel
  • Venchi chocolate hazelnut spread
  • Japanese Kit Kats (assorted flavors, including strawberry cheesecake)
  • Lindt truffles (assorted flavors, including white chocolate and orange)
  • Suchard hot chocolate


  • Luca is ticklish.
  • Luca’s birthday is after Easter (7 June).
  • Listener’s birthday is after Luca’s.
  • Used to TA for Jeremy.
  • Luca apologized to the fridge after accidentally hitting it.
  • Luca was bullied in school for being quiet/shy.
  • Listener likes playing Minecraft on Nintendo Switch.

Episode Notes:

[Part 5]

Cute Boyfriend Wants Your Attention

Listener is playing Minecraft on their Nintendo Switch when Luca comes home.

[Part 6]

Cute Boyfriend Makes You Jealous

Luca brings home a cute little kitten that he found when he stopped by a deli on the way home from work.

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