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You Want to be Punished?

28 October, 2023 ‖ 25,384 views

Chained & Pinned By A Demon

Cevyk: You Want to be Punished?

You remain in Sheti Makh, the Lower Ring under the ownership of Cevyk, but tonight, he decides to lessen your punishment.

We Can't Turn Back Now [Part 9]

16 September, 2023 ‖ 41,457 views

Dangerous Mission With Your Vampire Boyfriend

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 9]: We Can't Turn Back Now

The plan to move against the Trimedian begins, with many allies on your side. But how will it end?


I’ll Protect You with My Life [Part 8.1]

1 April, 2023 ‖ 66,611 views

A Serious Talk With Your Vampire Boyfriend

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 8.1]: I’ll Protect You with My Life

You and Xanthus are left alone in Dontis’ apartment, and you find a way to entertain yourselves.

This Might be Goodbye

18 February, 2023 ‖ 51,383 views

Sharing Secrets with an Incubus

Dontis: This Might be Goodbye

You and Dontis meet to discuss the upcoming plan against the Trimedian, but other matters come to light.

I Cannot Lose You [Part 8]

19 November, 2022 ‖ 98,592 views

Helping Your Possessive Vampire

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 8]: I Cannot Lose You

While you and Xanthus try to find more useful information on the Trimedian, a new friend arrives to help, and a final decision is made.

Guest @BethyVA

Let's Go to Hell!

10 September, 2022 ‖ 54,113 views

Demon Takes You to Hell

Cevyk: Let's Go to Hell!

Your time is officially up, and Cevyk has come to collect what is owed.

The Past Still Haunts Me [Part 7]

16 July, 2022 ‖ 129,981 views

Possessive Vampire Opens up to You

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 7]: The Past Still Haunts Me

You and Xanthus travel to another continent, and he finally decides to share the secrets that stain his past. 

 I Won't Let Anyone Hurt You [Part 6]

5 March, 2022 ‖ 202,288 views

Possessive Vampire Protects You

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 6]: I Won't Let Anyone Hurt You

Xanthus has promised to keep you safe, but one night, his fear of people finding out about the bond becomes a reality.

Guests @MrFoxHound & @BethyVA

Stay With Me Tonight

26 February, 2022 ‖ 125,669 views

Encounter with an Incubus

Dontis: Stay With Me Tonight

You go back to New Orleans to see if the story about your father is true, but you encounter a familiar face instead.

Are We Truly Bonded? [Part 5]

6 February, 2022 ‖ 169,329 views

Bonding with Your Vampire

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 5]: Are We Truly Bonded?

An Elder of the vampire race visits Xanthus at his home to determine the presence of a bond.

Guest @Aryashadeslay

You Are Solely Mine [Part 4]

4 December, 2021 ‖ 227,826 views

Going Home with a Rich Vampire

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 4]: You Are Solely Mine

Xanthus brings you home in preparation for an appointment with the Elder. But all is not as it seems…

Special appearance by Dontis.

Are You Obsessed With Me? [Part 3]

9 October, 2021 ‖ 276,093 views

Rich Vampire Escorts You

Xanthus Claiborne [Part 3]: Are You Obsessed With Me?

You surprise Xanthus by visiting his gallery, but was this a calculated decision or something more?

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