(Listener is a barista at the Brewhouse Café, age undetermined)

Isaac & Elias Timeline

Ground Rules

  • Only trust Elias
  • Don’t contact anyone
  • Don’t leave the hotel suite / safe house
  • Don’t do anything to screw over Elias

Gangs mentioned

  • Wraiths (Stockton)
    • Warden – Leader / Elias’ Father
    • James – Advisor to Warden (Consigliere) / Elias’ Uncle
    • Mike
    • “Avox”
  • Vex (Stockton)
    • Callum Harris (deceased) – Leader
    • ??? – Leader
  • Fangs (Stockton)
  • Underground Ravens (from the Havenverse)
    • Helios – Leader
    • Darius – Second in Command
  • Penance (Hanford → Stockton)
    • Morgan – Leader

Episode Notes:

[Part 1]

{ Today is a Thursday, concurrent with Isaac Part 1 }

{ Scene 1: Brewhouse Café }

  • Elias is there to do some reconnaissance of Vex business; is on his phone when he enters.
  • Chats up Listener when he orders his drink – preference for the special latte with pralines, but orders a choco-vanilla from Listener’s recommendation.
  • A man with a briefcase enters the café, looking a little “sus”, and catches Elias’ attention. Listener has not seen the man before.
  • The sound of chains being threaded through the front door’s handles is heard. Elias instructs Listener to start evacuating customers via the back exit. Before the Listener has the chance to do anything a loud explosion is heard and chaos ensues.
  • Elias manages to retrieve the briefcase before escaping with Listener. Elias does not want to be found by the police, so they flee the scene.

{ Scene 2: Elias’ apartment }

  • Elias tells Listener about:
    • His affiliation with the Wraiths.
    • How the Brewhouse Café is in gray territory (a neutral location not owned by any of the gangs).
    • A black out that happened nearly a decade ago wasn’t an accident, and instead was from a battle fought between the two gangs. Over a dozen people died as a result.
    • That the mayor is corrupt and in the pocket of the gang.
    • The police are paid to look the other way as well.
  • Elias plans on bringing the briefcase to his father in the morning; Listener stays over.

Events are mentioned in Isaac Rhoades’ story line, during a phone call he receives in Part 2.

[Part 2]

{ Today is Friday, Concurrent with Isaac Part 2 }

{ Scene 1: Elias’ Apartment, Morning }

  • Elias wakes Listener up. He hands them his phone and tells them to input their address.
    • Listener chooses the good path: They input their address into Elias’ phone only.
  • They have breakfast together (bacon and waffles) before heading to their base, a hotel downtown.

{ Scene 2: The “Base” }

  • Elias takes Listener to meet his father Warden and hand over the briefcase.
  • Warden is displeased that Elias brings Listener with him, first saying that Listener should go home, and then threatening their life.
  • Elias proposes that he guards Listener in one of their suites while Warden opens the briefcase.
  • Listener learns that Elias has a poor relationship with Warden, especially when his mother is mentioned and he gets slapped for his retort.

{ Scene 3: Hotel Suite }

  • Elias takes Listener to one of the VIP suites.
  • Listener is free to use the amenities in the hotel but should only interact with Elias.
  • Elias tells Listener he was originally studying for his cosmology degree before he was recruited to join the gang.
  • Elias goes to find a laptop to purchase clothes for Listener.
  • Elias tells Listener to pick out a movie for them to watch together.

[Part 3]

{ Today is [Saturday], just over a week since part 2 }

{ Scene: Hotel Suite }

  • Elias and Listener are playing cards, Listener is losing (has lost three out of five games already). Elias wants to make things more interesting by having loser do whatever winner says, and is in the process of convincing the Listener to consent.
  • Warden comes to the suite with the briefcase. He has neither opened it yet, nor has he discussed it with the Execs due to his suspicions there’s a rat within the organization.
  • All of the remaining survivors of the fire are now dead, supposedly due to their injuries.
  • Inside the briefcase contains photos of someone with the initials M.L., along with dates and locations written on the photos. Listener and Elias are also able to identify the man with the briefcase.
  • Warden speculates that the Penance have made their move from Hanford to Stockton. Man with the briefcase was possibly blackmailed into providing the photos.
  • Elias becomes agitated by Warden and starts talking about the events in Fresno, which has Warden pull him into another room to continue their discussion.
    • While they are in the other room, Listener takes the “bad path” and uses Elias’ phone to take pictures of the contents of the briefcase (six photos in total).
  • They finish talking and come back in. Warden will take the briefcase to James and arrange a meeting with the Holders. Elias promises Warden to do some research.
    • James is Elias’ Uncle and Consigliere to Warden; former financial advisor, now he helps Warden with the organization.
  • Elias mentions the tentative truce the Wraiths have with the Vex, but since the assassination of Callum a couple of months ago (not by the Wraiths), there’s been new tensions between the two gangs.
  • Elias talks about himself:
    • It’s safer to be part of the gang than to be on his own.
    • He feels reluctant to take Warden’s position because he doesn’t want to be responsible for other people’s lives. He believes James would be better suited.
    • Has never been out of the country, and would like to travel: Bali, Istanbul, Croatia, or the Philippines. He’d want to experience the local culture and food.
    • His first job was at a McDonald’s, but was fired from punching a rude customer in the face. Does not regret doing so.
    • His first reaction towards a situation isn’t violence, but he’s not above using it. Almost all of the fights he’s been in he’s won.
  • Elias asks about Listener and finds out that they like to play video games. He suggests having a console brought in so the two of them have more entertainment (and more games that he can kick Listener’s butt at).
  • Elias goes to make a phone call and notices his phone has moved, asks Listener if they did that.
    • Phone call is to Mike, who is with James – instructs Mike to get the spare key to his apartment from James, and to bring his Xbox with controllers and games and bring them to Warden’s main branch, then return the key to James.
    • Mike will be there in 20 minutes.
  • While they wait, Elias teaches Listener how to play “Hail the Jack”.

[Part 4]

{ Today is a couple weeks after part 1 }

{ Scene 1: Hotel Suite, Living room, Nighttime }

  • Listener is playing Xbox and getting frustrated with the level they’re playing.
  • Warden has ID’d the man with the briefcase, and Elias is doing further research on a computer.
    • Briefcase man was a realtor, but in the past had serious debt. He was able to find a high paying job, sell his home for a profit and move to Hanford.
    • He probably worked with the Penance for his luck to turn around so drastically.
    • Background checks indicate that he had no criminal history whatsoever.
    • Elias comments that Briefcase man had a very boring life.
  • Elias talks about his student life, of all of the trouble he’d get into, but also about how much fun he had. He attended U.C. Berkley for college, but didn’t complete his degree because he was recruited by his father to join the Wraiths.
  • Elias flirts with Listener, and admits that he’s attracted to them.
  • Elias receives a message from Warden stating that the Execs have found out about the Penance moving into Stockton, and not because the Wraiths have told them about it. Elias finds the photos that Listener has taken of the briefcase and is furious.
    • Elias’ phone is backed up to a cloud server in the event something happens to it, and select Execs have access to the backups.
    • Elias is under intense scrutiny by the Execs to determine whether he’d be a suitable heir for the Wraiths.
    • By not having any of the leadership in the Wraiths informing the Execs of the new gang, it will reflect poorly on Warden and Elias.
    • Listener apologizes, stating they were only trying to help. Elias says he will take the heat for this incident, but will not protect them if something else happens.
    • Execs help fund/provide resources to the Wraiths.
  • Elias explains that since he and Listener are the only survivors, they’re in serious danger. Elias brazenly states that he’s used to it, but then admits that he’s not as blasé about it as he previously asserts.
    • “Screwed by association”
  • There’s a knock on the door, and Elias shushes Listener. Supposedly it’s room service with some complimentary items. Listener takes the “good path” and stays quiet until the person at the door leaves. Elias would have been informed by Warden if something was being sent up, and there wouldn’t be any complimentary things delivered to this floor. The person knew to come directly to their room as well. Because of where they are, it’s most likely Listener who’s the target. Only a few people know that Elias and Listener are there: Warden, James, Mike, and some of the hotel staff.
  • Because their location has been compromised, Elias suggests that they’ll have to move, but not until they’ve informed Warden of the situation. Listener is told to get some rest, and Elias will stay up to keep watch. He checks that the gun he has is loaded.

{ Scene 2: Hotel Suite, Listener’s bedroom, Late night/Early morning }

  • Listener has a nightmare about the bombing at Brewhouse, loud enough that Elias hears them and wakes them up. Listener asks Elias to keep them company.
  • Elias talks about his past traumatic experiences:
    • A car accident while driving in the rain and nearly killing a family.
    • When he first joined the gang, and a rival gang kidnapped him and held him for ransom.
    • The most traumatic he isn’t able to talk about.
  • Elias changes topics and talks about stargazing.
  • Listener goes back to sleep listening to Elias type on his laptop.

[Part 5]

{ Scene 1: in a car headed to a new safe house }

  • Elias and Listener have been in the hotel suite for three weeks.
  • Elias offers to reimburse Listener when everything is done, either from Warden or himself, as long as Listener doesn’t do anything to betray Elias.
  • Wraiths have been around for more than a decade.
  • Even though Elias doesn’t want to be a leader, he’d rather be clever leader and keep others from dying.
  • Elias nicknamed their driver “Avox” after The Hunger Games, because his tongue was cut out by a rival gang and is now mute.
    • The Hunger Games is a guilty pleasure for Elias, and he suggests a movie marathon since Listener has never watched it before.

{ Scene 2: Wraith safe house }

  • Elias and Listener upon arriving at the safe house are greeted by James. Elias was never told about the off-the-grid, high tech safe house because it was on a need-to-know basis, and he didn’t need to know.
    • There’s a double locking system on the door: a retinal scanner and a 6-digit key code.
    • After entering, another 6-digit code is required to either disable the alarm or trip the panic alarm and must be inputed within 30 seconds.
  • Elias and Listener will be staying until it’s deemed safe. It’s fully stocked, and deliveries will be checked before reaching them.
  • James reports to Elias about their latest intel, and is concerned that Listener is present for the information. Elias tells James the least he can do is tell Listener what’s going on since they were dragged into the situation – wrong place, wrong time.
    • They found the person trying to access Elias’ suite at Quetza Hotel. He almost got away because he knew where all of the cameras are.
    • He’s a staff member that’s been working at the hotel for about three years and knows everyone including Elias.
    • Coworkers described him as a nice, charming, hard working member of the hotel staff.
    • He’s been part of the Wraiths for the same amount of time, he was placed at the hotel due to his previous hospitality experience.
    • After being interrogated, he said he was after the briefcase. James thinks otherwise, and plans on interrogating him again.
    • No new information has been discovered from the contents of the briefcase. They’re running all of the faces through all of the resources they have.
  • Elias wants to be part of the investigation but Warden is not convinced that Elias wasn’t the target from the beginning so he wants him to stay in the safe house.
  • James agrees that Elias and Elias’ mother don’t belong in the gang world, and tried to reason with Warden to keep him out of it.
  • Elias was in his second year at Berkley when he was recruited, and would have graduated by now and found a job in the field.
  • James tells Listener a cute/embarrassing story from Elias’ childhood.
    • Elias broke his leg when he was 7 years old helping a baby bird that fell out of a nest.
  • James offers to talk to Warden about Elias succeeding him.
  • James tells Elias to help Avox with the boxes so he can talk to Listener alone
    • James ran a background check on Listener and found they have bad credit and money problems.
    • Listener started working at Brewhouse since March. They left a better paying job and started the same week the Callum was assassinated.
    • James threatens Listener, and warns them not to tell Elias about this conversation.
  • Elias returns, and James gets up to leave. Elias walks James to the door, and they talk about the upcoming meeting with the Execs, where they want Elias and Listener to attend as well.
  • Elias returns and sees that Listener is visibly shaken. Listener takes the perfect path and tells Elias about their conversation with James. Elias tries to give a reasonable explanation for James’ behavior, and tries to reassure Listener that their life isn’t in danger from him.
  • Listener is still having nightmares, and Elias suggests that time and yoga will help them cope.
  • To lighten the mood, Elias suggests playing Golden Eye on N64 and will teach them how to play. Elias confesses that he likes to play video games with Listener.

Transcript of conversation between Elias and James:

Elias: Ha ha. Don’t you have to be somewhere?
James: I do. I need to prepare for the upcoming meeting. They want both of you to be there, which is stupid.
Elias: The Execs?
James: Yeah, they’re too busy worried about their money and political power to understand how dangerous it is for you to meet them there. It goes against the idea of a safe house.
Elias: What does Dad think about it?
James: You know how he is. Always making sure they’re happy. I’ll talk to him about that too, but no promises. :sigh: Sometimes I can’t even keep up with what’s happening anymore.
Elias: *unintelligible* Hope it gets quiet again soon.
James: When things get quiet, that’s when you need to watch your back.
Elias: Yeah. Talk to you later.
James: Remember the first code after I leave.
Elias: Yeah.
[Door opens then closes, keypad is pressed]

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