Character: Jonah

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I Can't Get Enough of You

29 July, 2023 ‖ 56,690 views

Playing with Your Gamer Boyfriend

Jonah: I Can't Get Enough of You

After a week of grueling shifts, you finally have a day off to spend some quiet time with Jonah. While playing his game, he offers for you to give it a try, and you sit in his lap to play–a perfect place for him to tease you.

We're All Alone in Here

13 August, 2022 ‖ 157,825 views

Gamer Boyfriend Surprises You After Work

Jonah: We're All Alone in Here

You’ve worked overtime at the bar, but before you close up, Jonah surprises you with a visit…

I Want to Play with You

9 December, 2020 ‖ 1,223,629 views

Gamer Boyfriend Gives You Attention

Jonah: I Want to Play with You

You come home to find your boyfriend playing video games. But you want his attention, and you try to get it.

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