Zaros Kymen Atha’lin

Listener is the only child of Queen Roena Ilves and heir to the throne. Zaros is the son of the Atha’lin Family that was recently appointed the status of noble.

Listener and Zaros have a past history during their time at the Academy. It has been 8 years since they had seen each other last. Listener told Zaros “[y]ou are a disgusting leech who won my trust, only to break me after. Knowing you is my greatest regret, I never want to see your face again.”

Serulla (the Dominion where the story takes place) is set in a fantasy world with a language all its own.



Originally a one shot, he will occasionally make appearances when a story warrants him.

About Incubi


Pronounced as Neil/Neel/Neal

Niall’s series is M4M, so Listener is in this case male.

About Niall

About Listener

Family Life

Xanthus Claiborne

(Listener works at Jollibee, age 18+)
(Xanthus currently is an art curator and owns the Grand Devino Gallery in the Soho District of London, England)



Correct lore for killing vampires

Incorrect lore regarding vampires

Making of vampires

Special Abilities of Listener

Destined Partners

Acquaintances / Allies / Friends / Family of Xanthus

Enemies of Xanthus

Actual Historical People / Events / Items mentioned



Series is now concluded, Kayson is now stuck in a relationship

Places Listener has gotten stuck with Kayson

Kayson’s Family

Parents are divorced; grew up with his Mom; currently living with his Dad for college; Gio is 16; Kyle is 12.


(Listener is a barista at the Brewhouse Café, age undetermined)

Isaac & Elias Timeline

Ground Rules

Gangs mentioned



Series is now concluded, he put a ring on it.

How Luca & Listener Met

At a party in college, one that Luca originally wasn’t planning on attending, but went anyway.

Holidays Luca & Listener have celebrated together

Costumes worn by Luca

Sweets consumed


Isaac Rhoades

(Listener is approximately mid-20’s)

Isaac & Elias Timeline


  1. Isaac’s study is off-limits, as is the garden. (refer to rule number 10 for update)
  2. Primary duties are cleaning, cooking and serving guests.
  3. Work starts at 9am every day.
  4. Listener is not to leave the premises unless given permission by Isaac.
  5. No ordering in food, the kitchen will always be stocked.
  6. Groceries are delivered every Friday at 4pm.
  7. Isaac has a black coffee with one sugar in the morning, that’s it.
  8. Listener may use the various facilities on their own time.
  9. Listener’s duties now include assisting Isaac with his work. Pay will stay the same. Listener will complete their primary duties first before they can assist Isaac.
  10. Listener is allowed in Isaac’s study only when he is there as well.
  11. Listener is allowed access to the internet only when Isaac is online as well, and he will monitor usage.

Andrew Marston

(Season 1: Listener is in their second year of university, approx age 19 / 20; Season 2: Listener is in their final year of university, approx age 20 / 21)
(Season 1: Andrew has been teaching for two years, started teaching at age 21)

Andrew as the official genius of the Sakuverse skipped two grades in high school, and did advanced placement courses in order to complete university in one course year at the age of 19.

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